Tuesday, October 6, 2020

My Fabulous Little Off-Cuts Note book As crafters we know nothing goes in the bin, something can be created another day, and thus my little note book to match my journal was born.
My note book was created after following @pinkyohagan #pinkysworld blog and seeing her lovely note books made from printer paper. My pages are made from the off cuts from 12x12 paper pages left over from creating my 'coin bound daily journal'. One side is patterned and one side is plain white
I cut the off cut papers to fit inside another off-cut from creating the front cover of my journal, so I could have a matching set and use up the left overs. I didnt want to let any of these really pretty papers go to waste. It took a few days to create the note book because i had to align the pages, trim them to size, hold them on 3 edges with bulldog clips and glue the top edge with COLLALL book binding glue. I used this glue neat as a binder as its very tough and has an epic hold. I placed quite a thick layer on the top edge to ensure all pages got a good coering and would hold firmly. I left these to dry over night and then i set about creating the cover. This was made using the left over cardstock from creating my journal cover. Again i had to leave this overnight to dry after using more Collall book binding glue to adhere the pages inside.
I finished the cover off with two die cuts from a Bright Rosa Papercraft Society Subscription Box, and some foam tape. Over all im happy with the outcome, i might have to add a ribbon pen loop to hold a nice pen :)
heres the finished pair
thank You for reading SpaceCraftzHQ

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