Tuesday, October 6, 2020

My Handmade Daily Journal
a beautiful 'coin bound' journal I made using #staplespunch to create the 'mushroom' holes for the coins to be thread into. The 'coins' are from #amazon and they do a wondertful range of sizes, colours, solid and in my case, heart punched. My inserts where created by cutting 12x12 pages down to A4 size and then printed using a regular epsom inkjet. These where then folded down to create an A5 size, punched and then bound in the rings. I laminated the front and back covers using A5 matt laminating sheets from Amazon. These give a beautiful mutted effect that compliments the pale pastel colours of the front and back covers.
The front and back covers are made from a 12x12 design pad from #theworks at a weight of around 200 gsm The inserted pages are from a 12x12 paper pad from #Dovecraft called Secret Garden that have a weight of 150 gsm
All in all I adore this daily journal, and besides a hefty almost £50 from staples for the hole punch, the rest is fairly cheap to come across. Let me know in the comments if youve made one, want to make one or tips and tricks to make these :) Thank you for reading, SpaceCraftz!!!

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