Tuesday, September 28, 2021

episode 2 of Christmas card making 2021

Here is my recipe for texture paste : 
I use :

baby powder
white acrylic paint 
clear drying pva glue 

I don’t really measure the ingredients I do it my eye. I don’t like it too wet and i mix it until it’s a thick cream cheese kind of consistency. I use my glass craft mat to blend them all together to get it how I want it. 

Too wet and it won’t set, too dry and it’s not spreadable. So you need a happy medium. I store it in a lidded jar and use within a few days. 

If you do make and forget about it for a while you can revive it by adding more of the ingredients together and blending them all out to get a smooth mix again. 

I wouldn’t keep it too long though as I’m sure it will dry out and become rock solid. Don’t add water as they my cause mould to grow.  Be sure to check out Insta
And YouTube SpacecraftzHQ TV

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